David and I just got back from our spontaneous weekend trip to St. George for the 2019 Parade of Homes! The January blues really kicked my keister this year, and my sweet husband knew it was the perfect thing to cheer me up. I guess winter followed us to the desert because we hit a crazy snow storm just past Cedar City! I guess that part of the valley hadn’t seen that much snow in years! Luckily we got there safely just in time to throw ourselves into our AirBnB bed, anxiously waiting for the adventure tomorrow would bring.

Some favorites from this weekend. Photos by Mykals Architectural Photography.

I had never been to this particular parade before, and I was surprised by how strikingly different the design trends and architectural styles were in the desert! Quite the contrast from what I’ve followed all my life, but I was inspired everyday by the challenge of creatively thinking outside of my comfort zone, especially when it came to modern design.

However, no matter how many houses I saw, looking back has made me quite nostalgic of past parade favorites. So I’ve decided to feature an “oldie-but-goodie” from the 2016 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, winner of People’s Choice Award.

Ancient Modern by Jackson & Leroy

This beauty is is 9,000+ square feet of residential design majesty. Its title describes it perfectly, as the two worlds of old and new collide into one harmonious structure. Jackson and Leroy easily made it to my top five favorite builders in all of Utah with their innovative ways of staying ahead of the trends and paying homage to their predecessors timeless design. Not to mention the European and historical influences that are so obvious in their work pulls at my personal heart strings.

With prestigious pastels and the hint of bold contrasting colors, who wouldn’t fall for this home?

For me, it’s all down to the details: The clever way of mixing copper and brass accents, the black and white stone marble with aged brick and exposed wood grain, the contemporary black trim windows and vintage European hardware. Classic. Timeless. It’s easy to see how they’ve paved the way for the next few years’ trends whilst staying unique amongst the clutter of style and fashion.

So, how do we get this same timeless look into our own homes without breaking the bank? Here are a few places you can start.


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  6. $40 Amazon Stone & Beam Farmhouse Pillow
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These are just my personal picks, but mix and match as you please! That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed that brief tour of Jackson & Leroy’s Ancient Modern, and I hope this makes you mark your calendars for your upcoming local Parade of Homes. À bientôt!

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