Guys, I am so excited to share this project with you! Spring has FINALLY sprung here, which means–in the DIY apartment–spray paint! One of my favorite crafting mediums, as I’m sure you’ll discover as I add more and more projects to the blog. For best results, you can only spray paint between 50º F and 90º F, so when I woke up to sunshine and 52º weather, I ran straight to the store!

My simple Walmart lamp wasn’t cutting it for my living room that I’m in the middle of redecorating. Looking for floor lamps online can get pretty pricey! Sometimes even over $100! All of the secondhand floor lamps I could find were either not in good shape, or not at all the style I was looking for. So after perusing Pinterest (for several hours… but we won’t talk about that) I felt inspired by these beautiful lotus shaped lamps and thought “I can make that!” I looked all over for a DIY golden lotus lamp, like these, and I couldn’t find any tutorials ANYWHERE. So here we are: as my service to you, I am providing the tutorial I wish I had when I made this gorgeous, inexpensive, DIY golden metal lotus lamp.

Mainstays Floor Lamp

(Left) One King’s Lane | (Right) World Market

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A floor lamp (these instructions are specifically for the lamp above since I obviously don’t know the composition of all floor lamps, but I’m sure with some “MacGyvering” you could make it work with other lamps as well.) We got ours from Walmart for only $5!
2. 36-Gauge Soft Aluminum, $10 from Amazon. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $6 per tube of 30″, and I used 3. So if you can be patient and wait for shipping, Amazon definitely saves you money.
3. Petal Template; or you can free hand them, whatever suits your fancy. I’ve provided the ones I created below as a free download for your convenience!
4. Tin snips, as mentioned in our bathroom reno post
5. Chipboard, you can get this at your local hobby store; cardboard would probably work as well, might just be a little too chunky. I bought mine for $3
6. Hot glue
7. Spray paint color of your choice; I used this spray paint from Home Depot that cost me $6

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Let’s Start!

Step 1: First, I removed the bowl from the lamp by unscrewing the black plastic “nut” that secured it to the base.
Step 2: I measured a 9″ circle on the chipboard and cut it out, as well as measured for the size of the hole (1 1/4″ in my case) and cut it out from the center, so I could stick it over the hole and screw it to the base of the lamp.

Step 3: Then, I traced the petals onto the aluminum, and cut them out with the tin snips.

Step 4: Now the fun begins: Start shaping the petals. The aluminum is soft and flexible, so you can easily shape it with your hands. I used the flatness of the table and rolled each petal in the direction I wanted to help keep the petals uniform. Then I lightly pinched the edges with my thumb and two fingers, kind of like the edge of a pie crust! Super simple. Play around with it, that’s what makes it artsy and original.

Step 5: Place the rows of petals on your chip board. I used tape first, just to help me get an idea of where each petal should go so it all looks even. You put them on one row at a time.
1st Row– 6 petals, curved downward (I ended up adding a “4th row” between the 1st and 2nd that uses this same template, and is only curved downward slightly less)
2nd Row– 6 Petals, curved upward
3rd Row– 5 Petals, curved upward, placed closer together to look like the center bud of the lotus
You can add more rows if you want, I won’t stop you!

Step 6: Hot glue them in place to the chipboard. Easiest step, haha!

Step 7: All you have left to do is spray paint! I wrapped my cord up and taped a plastic bag around it so it wouldn’t get painted. A gold cord would stick out like a sore thumb on our dark carpet! Make sure to get all of the nooks and crannies, but take your time and try to stay 6-8 inches away. That way you get a more even coat. Leave it to dry!

Here we are! All done and I’m in LOVE. Overall, this lamp cost me about $25! That’s way cheaper than any lamp I could have bought like it. And now it’s a bespoke piece of art displayed in my home, not only as a demonstration of my personal craftsmanship, but it’s exactly what I had in mind.

If you decide to try this DIY, I would LOVE to see what you come up with! Be sure to tag me in your projects @my.dear.dwelling, or use #mydeardwelling so I can see your beautiful work! I hope you all enjoyed this home hack as much as I loved making it. Happy crafting! À bientôt!

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