Working on a pretty big project for my living room right now (it’s. taking. forever.) featuring embroidery! I’m super pumped to show you all when it’s finished and hung on my wall. In the mean time, here’s a quick post on my process of finishing an embroidery hoop!

Embroidery is something I picked up right before Christmas last year and it has been so much fun! This is just a little blurb to give you a tip on how I finish my embroidery hoops off, for when you want to hang them on your wall, or set them on a table for decorations (whatever suits your fancy) right in the hoop.


Step 1: When you’ve finished embroidering your design, I like to cut the excess fabric in more of a circle shape. It’ll help it come together better when you tie it back.

Step 2: Start a large running stitch, kind of like a basting stitch, and go all the way around the circle.
*TIP* The closer to the edge of the fabric that you stitch around (and the further away from the hoop itself), the tighter you can pull your circle!

Step 3: Pull your thread until you get a tight circle pulling all of the fabric to the back of the hoop.

And that’s it! Suuuuuper simple. You can also sew or hot glue some felt on the back if you would like a more finished look, or to sit flatter against the wall, like I did with this one. But you don’t have to. Whatever you prefer.

Also! If you like this cute little Payson Temple design, here is the free graphic I made! I made it for an 8″x8″ hoop.

Thanks for reading! À bientôt!

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