This weeks #featurefriday is going to be a little different. I’ll take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of my latest fixation, and the awesome finds I came across during my search. As a bonus for myself–and for you–I even made some design mood boards with links to some products for anyone wanting to jazz up their space!

I have been OBSESSING lately over Oriental and Asian home design. Whilst perusing Pinterest for more and more ideas about feng shui and chinoiserie, I stumbled upon this post with some inspiring rooms shared by one of my favorite designers: Emily Henderson! I remember watching Design Star almost TEN YEARS AGO when Emily Henderson took the prize as that year’s winner of Design Star! Scoring her own HGTV show, and a wide following with her fun and functional blog, She has some great products linked on this post, so check it out if you want to see her designer picks!

Source | Photographed by Michael Wiltbank

Oriental design is actual quite a broad umbrella of styles, but the word I would use to describe it all is organic. That’s exactly what I’m loving about this particular blend of styles; finding beauty in the inherent state of an object or space. I love the way these trimmings sit naturally inside this asian painted vase. No need to spend 20 minutes positioning these branches, they are beautiful all on their own.

Source | Photographed by Michael Wiltbank
Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 4
Source | Designed by Studio DB

Chinoiserie has been a long-time love of mine. It’s a French term basically meaning “Chinese-esque), and as I said before, it comes in all different styles! You have your classic blue and white scenes found in all sorts of homes–especially making its debut in classic Georgian and farmhouse designs–and my personal favorite, the dramatic natural wallpapers, full of birds and branches and blossoms. Quintessentially Oriental. Finding just the right pattern for your space is the key. If you can find the right print, you can make any room feel modern or classic, chic or casual, boho or beachy, and more.

Emily Henderson Design Trends Modern Chinoiserie Updated Examples 7
Source | Amarelo Terrace by Arent & Pyke

One of my personal favorite styles are these watercolor or ink painted mountain scene murals. So elegant… The simple neutral color palette, and muted tones bring instant zen to these spaces. Just looking at them makes me want to slow down, breathe… sleep…..

Nomura Samurai House, Kanazawa
Source | Nomura Samurai House

If you really want to integrate the oriental style though, my vote is for Japanese room construction. Some say “open concept” is a contemporary trend, but the way Japan has mastered flowing spaces, and the seamless relationship of nature and home suggests otherwise. This ancient technique of design speaks to my soul, offering a simpler life, full of meaning and purpose more than any material item you could collect.

Source | Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan China

After realizing that I can’t keep implementing every single design style I come across into my 500 sq ft apartment, go figure, I decided to start making some mood boards as I threw down my never-ending ideas into potential spaces! Here’s what I’ve come up with for a Modern Oriental Kitchen and Dining room:

If you’re interested in any of these items for your own space, I’ve linked them below for you!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. $22 Etsy – 10″x24″ Landscape Painting
  2. $30-90 World Market – Black Willow Chinoiserie Dinnerware Set
  3. $22 Amazon – 10″ Bamboo Steamer
  4. $1,425 Decorative Chinese Arch
  5. $99 IKEA – Lohals Flatwoven Jute Rug
  6. $250 IKEA – Köpenhamn Flatwoven Rug
  7. $2 IKEA – Toga Placemat
  8. $740 Houzz – Mid Century Modern 6-Piece Dining Set
  9. $16 Amazon – Green Stone Mortar & Pestle
  10. $20 Amazon – Chinese Carved Wooden Stand
  11. $30-40 Amazon – Copper Bar Cabinet Pull Pack
  12. $13 World Market – Long Neck Glass Vase
  13. $8 Hobby Lobby – Money Leaf Branch, Artificial
  14. $30 20 Piece Silverware Set, in either Copper/Rose Gold or Black
  15. $36 Amazon – Linen Napkins, set of 4
  16. $20 Amazon – Set of 4, Green Stone Napkin Rings
  17. $22 Amazon – Set of 6, Copper Napkin Rings
  18. Behr Paint Color: Quiet Time
  19. Stone Countertop Samples: Cambria

Hope you enjoyed this post! À bientôt! Or, じゃあまたね 😄

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