I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and I’ve never seen a spring like this. As much as Dave and I love our cozy apartment, the dark colors in the bedroom were leaving me just as dreary in the morning as the endless rain out our window. It was time to brighten things up, so I decided to adjust our bedroom décor just a bit, and it made a big difference!

Our bedroom has been a hodge-podge of broken furniture we got for free, repurposed items from previous decorations, and second-hand shop finds over the few years we’ve been married. Typical for college student life, but David’s a salary man now, and I demanded that we at LEAST make our bedroom style more cohesive. Of course, I always like a good bargain, so this is what resulted.

All in all, the design style for our bedroom makeover came down to these simple hacks:
1. We used the same coverlet as before: a simple white, as it is most versatile (considering how much I change my mind, this is super important haha) with a little bit of texture for interest.
2. A mixture of super simple homemade pillows, and repurposed cushion inserts. Puts a happy face on our wallets.
3. Complete neutral overhaul. This is what brightened the space, and allowed for some personality to come through the accessories, rather than the main pieces all pining for attention.
– The curtains
– The canopy
– The headboard
– The nightstands

I’m going to post a tutorial for each of these hacks at some point, so keep a look out for those.

These long lumbar pillows are all the rage right now, so when I saw this gorgeous floral fabric on a killer sale at Hobby Lobby, I couldn’t pass it up and HAD to make one of my own. Needless to say, I am very happy with how it turned out. 😍

The smaller pillow I actually embroidered myself! I just used some leftover drop cloth fabric from making my headboard cover, and embroidered some french knots! Could not have been easier, with such great results. Still plain enough to let my fun floral shine, but enough texture for a little interest.

I got four of these frames from Ikea so I could take out the glass, add it to the other two frames and create this translucent effect that I love. Easy on the budget, easy to do, and of course, easy on the eyes.

The other simple trick I did here was make a headboard cover to lighten things up with an old drop cloth I had. I bleached it, softened it, and sewed it together so it slips over the top easily, and ties at the bottom! Originally, I was going to just reupholster it, but I like to change my mind 😜 So a slipcover was the wise decision. Haha!

If you want to see the tutorial for these Ikea Rast dressers that we made, check out this post!

I’m so happy with how everything turned out! Crazy how a few simple swaps and completely change the look and feeling of a room! If you’re needing a summer update, I hope this post helps you feel inspired!

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Products found in our bedroom:

  1. $40 Ikea Rast Dressers – here
  2. $20 Bronze Drawer Pull Handles (10 pack) – here
  3. $5 Ikea Fiskbo Frames – here
  4. $14 Fresh Grass Green Pillow Covers (2 pack) (comes in different colors) – here
  5. $65 Madison Park Tuscany Quilt Set – here
  6. $25 Linen Texture White Curtains (2 panels) – here
  7. $14 LED String Lights w/ Remote – here
  8. $28 Pom Pom Throw Blanket – here

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