What better way to kick off the season than with a seasonal craft!!! This actually ended up being a spontaneous project with a new friend that moved in next door! Nothing like a trip to Hobby Lobby to bond two ladies together. (; There’s also nothing better than a fall wreath to give your front door some curb appeal, and kick start your holiday decor!

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As always, I’ve rushed the season by two weeks. Because once school picks up, it’s like a cue for my brain saying “IT’S FALL”, even though it’s not quite yet… who cares though. I’ll decorate for fall two weeks early if I want to hahaha.

Because it was such a spontaneous craft, I didn’t even THINK about taking step by step photos, so sorry about that in advance. Instead, I’ve put together a cute little GIF showing the basic process, and I’ll give wordy step-by-steps in case you’ve never made a wreath before!

Making The Wreath

Tip #1: Whenever I decorate, I always start with a color palette that I want to work with, so everything works well together in the end. This year my color palette is a series of earth tones–Coffee, Copper, Ivory, Sage, and Slate.

Tip #2: When picking stems to put on your wreath, I like to follow the “thriller”, “filler”, and “spiller” method gardeners use, translated from pot shape to wreath shape. Often it just means to add a good balance of florals that catch your attention, fill in the gaps, and give movement and naturalism to your wreath form. (An easy trick to start with is to choose three different types of florals: one with bigger shapes, one with medium shapes, and one with small shapes. And get two or three of each kind; or however many you think you’ll need to fill the form.)

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Grapevine wreath base
– Floral stems
– Wire cutters
– Hot glue

*Here are all of the stems I got from Hobby Lobby
Lambs Ear | Brown Fig | Blue Gypsophila | Copper Croton | Cream Pumpkin | White Pumpkin | Copper Acorns

Step 1: Place the floral stems around the grapevine wreath to get an idea of what you want it to look like before you start gluing pieces down. Typically I like to make it even all the way around, whether that means three sections, or five, or six, etc. For this wreath, I alternated three sections for each of my larger leaves.

Step 2: Clip the stems to a desirable length. I’d leave about two to three inches at the bottom of the stem. Of course you can always clip sections off of the stems to spread them out and make it go farther. It’s good on cost if you can plan that ahead of time.

Step 3: Weave each section of the stems into the grapevine, starting with the largest florals going down to the smallest. Grapevine wreaths are my favorite to use because of how easy it is to assemble everything to the wreath form.

Step 4: Glue the stems in place where you want them (if necessary) and voila! That’s it! Suuuuper simple, and still one of my all time favorite things to make.

Here’s my friend’s wreath too! I always love seeing what other people come up with! Two people, same store, same time, and two completely different wreaths! Both so darling for fall. <3

I hope this was a fun read and got you excited for the fall season! I’ve got a couple more DIYs coming up so keep an eye out for those. The busiest half of the year is here and boy is it going to be amazing! If you make a fall wreath this year I WANT TO SEE IT!! Send them to me! ^_^

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